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TOUGH KARMA: A RACE AGAINST TIME by Laura Simmons, Paranormal/Romance


Author: Laura Simmens

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Pages: 224

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Astral travel and a deadly secret make for a gripping paranormal romance from start to finish.

Amber Macklin’s world is cruelly shattered when she loses her baby
girl three months after her husband’s sudden death. Her cousin, Bryce,
comes to her rescue, moving her into his home for fear she will kill
herself from the grief. He provides solace and a shoulder to cry on, and
he has loved her as more than a cousin for a long time. Amber and Bryce
soon discover they are not blood relatives, which opens the door for
romance as he pulls her through her darkest hours. When Mike, a college
friend of Bryce’s, stops by to visit, Amber senses a deadly secret
behind his nice guy persona. She has a frightening dream that Mike is
trying to kill her and recurring sleepwalking episodes where she draws
detailed pictures of him torturing her. Deeply troubled, Bryce uses his
ability to astral travel to investigate Mike and uncover his terrifying
past. Mike has had his eye on Amber for some time, and when he learns
that Bryce and Amber have become lovers, he is furious. Mike abducts
Amber and takes her to his rural Georgia hideaway, and Bryce must rely
on his astral abilities to track her down. But will he be too late?



She was too devastated to cry. The
shock of losing Belle early that morning upset her beyond tears. Bryce, her
sister Jenny, and Amber’s other cousin Luke, rushed to her side for support.
Bryce encouraged her to stay at his home that night, and for however long it
took to get her through this. He didn’t want her to be alone, fearing she might
kill herself from the heartache. He would have preferred that she stay with
Jenny during her time of sorrow, but knew it wouldn’t be a good environment for
her or Jenny’s family. Jenny had two young children and a husband, and having a
terribly distraught relative residing at their house would be stressful for
everyone. He had loved Amber as more than a cousin for most of his life, and
her staying under the same roof with him was going to be a challenge. Although
he was an incredibly self-disciplined and confident man, he doubted his ability
to hide his true feelings having her so close for an undetermined length of
time. He couldn’t think of any viable alternatives. She could have stayed with
Luke; however, she was closer to Bryce, and it made more sense. Luke traveled
frequently, and wouldn’t have the time to spend with her.
She agreed to let them help because
the thought of staying in her apartment surrounded by Belle’s baby things and
an empty crib was more than she could bear. Jenny and Bryce packed her
suitcases, while Luke drove her car to Bryce’s house. She let them swarm around
her; she was too upset to do anything other than stand outside on the balcony
and stare at the vehicles in the parking lot. The evening air was comfortable,
so she pulled the screen door closed to let some air in and keep the bugs out.
She was replaying the events leading up to Belle’s death over and over in her
mind, trying desperately to remember if she saw something which may have
prevented it.
“Bryce, check her medicine cabinet.
She used to take sleep meds before she got pregnant. She’s going to need them
now, or she won’t sleep for days,” Jenny said with concern while packing her
sister’s underwear and lingerie. She was three years older and five inches
taller. Both of them were pretty, with long blond hair and blue eyes.
“That’s true. She’s always had
trouble sleeping. Won’t these drugs make her sleepwalk?” he asked seeing the
bottle of prescription sleeping pills in her medicine cabinet, and taking them
along with several other items.
“I’m not sure. She used to
sleepwalk a lot when we were growing up. I don’t know if she still does. You
need to be on the lookout for that. I think severe stress triggers it,” she
“I remember you telling funny
stories about her nighttime adventures. I’ve got to hide stuff from her. Car
keys, knives, pills, anything she can hang herself with. God forbid she decides
to take a joyride on one of her sleepwalking strolls. I better go check on
her,” he said, handing the sleeping pills and other items from the cabinet to
Jenny and walking into the living room.
Amber was still standing on the
balcony staring at the parking lot, trying to process the day’s tragic event.
Sliding the screen door to his right and walking up behind her, Bryce wrapped
his arms around her asking, “Are you hanging in there, sweetheart?” and kissed
her cheek. He was a little over a foot taller than her.
She leaned into him tilting her
head back into his chest, placing her arms over his and replied, “I feel numb.
I want to cry but I can’t. I’m frozen. I’m sorry I’m not helping.”
“You don’t have to do anything
right now. We’re going to take care of you,” he said hugging her closer. “We’ve
almost got your things packed.”
“Thank you,” she replied softly,
appreciating the comfort his arms provided and knowing she could always count
on him.
He walked back into the bedroom and
helped Jenny finish packing. Amber snuck into the kitchen and quietly opened up
the cutlery drawer. The butcher knife
will fit nicely into my huge purse . . .
she thought discreetly slipping it
into her oversized handbag . . . I know
he’s going to be watching me like a hawk. He’s going to lock up all the knives
and pills. He’s an angel, but I don’t know if I can get through this.
closed the door to the balcony, locked it and took a seat on the sofa. A few
minutes later they were ready to go.
They loaded her suitcases and other
items into his black H3. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Jenny said sweetly to her
“Thank you so much,” Amber replied
hugging her.
“You know you can call me anytime
day or night,” she said. “Don’t worry about waking up Zac. You know my husband
sleeps like a log!”
“I know. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Jenny got into her car and drove
away. Bryce opened the door for Amber, and she stepped inside. It was dark now,
and the sky was cloudy with no moon or stars in sight. He got in and started
the engine. Pulling onto the highway for the ride to his house in Vienna,
Virginia, he reached for her hand. She took
hold of it with a death grip and closed her eyes. They rode to his house in
silence except for the radio which was tuned to a classical music station. He
hoped that type of music would be soothing to her, and she didn’t complain. She
was so shattered and lost in thought that she didn’t even hear it.




Laura Simmons grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of her
career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the
Washington, DC area. She has a fascination with all things metaphysical.
She enjoys writing, jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring books, vacationing
at the beach with her husband, and studying tarot cards and other types
of divination systems.





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The Witchkin Murders by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Witchkin Murders
Book 1
Diana Pharaoh Francis

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance 

years ago, my world—the world—exploded with wild magic. The
cherry on top of that crap cake? The supernatural world declared war
on humans, and my life went straight to hell.
used to be a detective, and a damned good one. Then Magicfall
happened, and I changed along with the world. I’m witchkin
now—something more than human or not quite human, depending on your
perspective. To survive, I’ve become a scavenger, searching
abandoned houses and stores for the everyday luxuries in short
supply—tampons and peanut butter. Oh, how the mighty have fallen,
but anything’s better than risking my secret.
old habits die hard. When I discover a murder scene screaming with
signs of black magic ritual, I know my days of hiding are over. Any
chance I had of escaping my past with my secret intact is gone.
Solving the witchkin murders is going to be the hardest case of my
life, and not just because every second will torture me with
reminders of how much I miss my old life and my partner, who hates my
guts for abandoning the department.
it’s time to suck it up, because if I screw this up, Portland will
be wiped out, and I’m not going to let that happen. Hold on to your
butts, Portland. Justice is coming, and I don’t take prisoners.

Diana Pharaoh
Francis is the acclaimed author of a dozen novels of fantasy and
urban fantasy. Her books have been nominated for the Mary Roberts
Rinehart Award and RT’s Best Urban Fantasy. The Witchkin
Murders is the first book in her exciting new urban fantasy

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The Brin Archives by Jim Cronin

Brin Archives Book 1
Jim Cronin

Science Fiction

Book Achievement Award Recipient

Favorite 5 Star Book Review Recipient
Monster Book Review 4 Star Recipient

species became extinct decades before the aliens rescued and cloned
him, but he still must do everything he can to save them all. Karm
must travel back in time, create the most powerful financial empire
ever seen on the planet Dyan’ta and assemble a team of experts who
must be kept in the dark about his plans for fear of upsetting the

Jontar Rocker is an up and coming geneticist whose untested and
controversial theories on cloning become the lynch pin in Karm’s
schemes. Maripa, Karm’s petite and beautiful surrogate niece,
personal secretary, and deadly bodyguard must learn to trust Karm
despite his deceptions and secrets. Can the emerging love between Dr.
Rocker and Maripa survive the demons and surprises of their own past,
as well as Karm’s impenetrable air of mystery?

and his companions must save the Brin. To do so, they must band
together to overcome Brach, the ambitious and obsessed monarch.
Determined to take control of Karm's vast industrial empire, Brach
joins forces with his conniving brother Pareth, leader of The Faith
an ultra-conservative religious order committed to stopping Dr.
Rocker and his heretical efforts to develop cloning techniques.
Nothing less than survival of their species is at stake.

Brin Archives Book 2

Monster Book Review 5 Star Recipient

Favorite 5 Star Book Review Recipient

this sequel to Hegira, the Brin are thriving on their new world, but
will greed, prejudices, and old rivalries tear apart their grand
civilization? Maliche Rocker, descendant of The Saviors, uncovers a
terrible secret and must fight those in power, including members of
his own family, to save thousands of innocents from the cruelty of
his own people.

Brin Archives Book 3

this conclusion to The Brin Archives, Maliche Rocker must risk
everything including his family’s reputation and even his life, to
uncover the truth about the Skae. For over three hundred years the
Brin have believed the Skae to be their benefactors, and the race
that rescued them from extinction. But recent revelations by a group
of young Kolbri, the offspring of Brin and Kolandi mating, tell a
disturbingly different story.

Kolbri, including Maliche’s son Jontar, must use their unique
abilities to telepathically connect with technology, and discover the
truth about the Skae once and for all by undertaking a perilous
journey through thousands of years in space and time, unravelling the
history hidden from them by Skae. During this expedition, Jontar and
his two companions must encounter the Gorvin, hated enemy of the Skae
and supposed instigators of the current interstellar war.

turned the Skae and Gorvin into mortal enemies? What is the true
cause of the war responsible for the destruction of hundreds of
worlds over thousands of years? Will Maliche and his small group find
the truth and avert disaster both at home and across the galaxy? Can
his wife, Ryma, hold the Brin government together long enough for
Maliche to succeed? Only time will tell.

Cronin is a retired middle school science teacher, currently working
part-time as an educator/performer at the Denver Museum of Nature and
Science. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, raised in Arlington, Virginia
and Denver, Colorado, he became an avid science nerd at the height of
the space race of the 1960's. After thirty-five years teaching
science in the middle school classroom, he decided to retire and
explore new worlds of opportunities, including volunteering,
bicycling, and writing. It is the writing experimentation which
resulted in this novel.

Jim Is an Educator Performer, or Edutainer if you prefer, at the
Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The museum makes science fun and
entertaining with an entire crew of performer/educators. Two years
ago I was lucky enough for the museum to hire me, and pay me to come
and play with kids and science.He lives in Colorado with his
beautiful wife of thirty seven years. Together, they look forward to
completely spoiling their new granddaughter.

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Love at Lakewood Med by T.J. Amberson

Love at Lakewood Med
T.J. Amberson
Publication date: June 9th 2019
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

Savannah Drake would be thrilled about starting her final year of medical school if it weren’t for one thing: she has to spend a month working in the emergency room with cold, aloof Dr. Wesley Kent as her mentor. When her first day in the ER proves to be a humiliating disaster, Savannah is ready to swear off emergency medicine forever. Gradually, though, she finds that the unpredictable, emotional experience of caring for patients in the emergency room is affecting her far differently than she expected – and Dr. Kent turns out to be anything but the arrogant attending physician that she assumed him to be. But just when Savannah finally admits to herself that she is falling for Dr. Kent, she learns that things at the hospital are not all what they seem. Faced with a seemingly impossible choice, Savannah must decide between her future career and everything that she has come to care so much about.

Goodreads / Amazon


“Do you know what you just did?” Doctor Kent puts his eyes on mine.

I stare back at him, my body going cold. I screwed up somehow. That baby might die because of me. I may—

“You ran that resuscitation as well as, or better than, any resident in this hospital would have.” Doctor Kent’s gaze drifts toward Room Fourteen. “Most physicians—even experienced ones—would have understandably panicked around a sick newborn. You didn’t.”

I follow his gaze to the now-vacant room, and remain quiet, letting his words soak in. Once I gather my thoughts, I debate for a second or two before I get up the courage to admit to him:

“This sounds stupid, but I was so focused during that whole encounter that I almost didn’t realize what I was doing while it was happening. It was like I had an invisible shield around me, blocking out distraction and not letting my emotions affect me. Only after the baby was gone did I start feeling it all.”

Doctor Kent doesn’t reply. I blush and reluctantly turn to him again, feeling ridiculous. But Doctor Kent isn’t about to laugh at me. Instead, he has his eyes fixed even more intensely on mine.

“Welcome to emergency medicine,” he says.

I catch my breath as something powerful stirs within me. There’s a moment of unspoken communication between Doctor Kent and me, and then I glance around Fast Track once more. I think that I understand it all a little better now.

Author Bio:

TJ Amberson hails from the Pacific Northwest. With a love of writing in several genres, TJ strives to provide well-written, age-appropriate, & original novels for tweens, teens, and new adults.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook


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Unexpected Commander by Layla Stone

Unexpected Commander
Layla Stone
(Unexpected, #3)
Publication date: June 24th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction

She’s shy and timid. He’s unsocial and arrogant.

Yon’s past hardened him to the point that he speaks the raw truth without thinking about the consequences. He’s always been that way, but if he’s not careful he’s going lose more than the sweetest female he’s ever known, he’s going to lose a potential mate.

Yelena’s past conditioned her to be obedient and silent. She’s always been a loner, but when she meets Yon in the cages of Brica, she’s drawn to him and his strength. If only he’d notice she’s not as weak as he thinks she is.

Yelena has a chance to help find the Numan who turned her skin luminescent. During the mission something goes wrong and she has to rely on Yon once more… or is it Yon who has to rely on her?

Goodreads / Amazon

Q&A with Layla Stone

Are there any secrets from the book, you can share with your readers?

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I will suggest to pay attention to Ansel in this one.

Can you share a snippet that isn’t in the blurb or excerpt?

“Are you always like this?”

Yon placed her on the bed, took a pillow, and handed it to her. “Keep the foot elevated. And, no, I’m not always like this.”

She held up her hand, hoping he wouldn’t leave her yet. She wanted to understand him better. “And when you say, ‘not always like this,’ do you mean you don’t knock people unconscious a lot?”

His head tilted slightly. “No, I meant I don’t usually come down to the planets I hate just to find a specific female and bring her back safely.”

It took a half-second longer than it should have for her to process that. “You came for me?”

“You shouldn’t have been down here in the first place.”

Yelena didn’t know what to say to that.

“Good thing you didn’t like Lotus Adaamas, because it was the last time you’re going to see it.” Yon was still holding out the pillow. His tone didn’t sound angry, more matter-of-fact.

She took the pillow and said, “Is it because of my skin? Or because of something else?”

“All of that and more.”

“What else could there be?”

“I will write you a list.”

Does one of the main characters hold a special place in your heart? If so, why?

I’ve meet males like the hero before and I’ve always wanted to see him with a happily ever after, but more often than not, he can’t soften enough to be in a relationship.

What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

I hope they are interested in the next book, to be honest.

Can you give us some insight into what makes the hero tick?

He’s got a chip on his shoulder a thousand miles high, brought on by upbringing.

What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

It was hard to soften the hero enough to make him a character my readers would enjoy instead of hate. I re-wrote this book three times just to get the romance right.

What was the highlight of writing this book?

My favorite part of writing is sending 2-3 chapters to my beta reader and getting her thoughts via marco-polo app.

Author Bio:

Layla Stone is a Sci-Fi Romance author who is passionate about writing and reading romances. Her books are a blend of science fiction, romance and action adventure.

A business coordinator by training and a bookworm at heart, Layla makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a trio of fur babies.

You can find more information about her characters and their races at

To learn more about Layla, her life and writing process, copy and paste this link into your browser and join her monthly newsletter:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Newsletter


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Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz THE KINGDOM OF NERETH by TJ Amberson Day 18

TJ Amberson hails from the Pacific
Northwest. With a love of writing in several genres, TJ strives to provide
well-written, age-appropriate, & original novels for tweens, teens, and new


~ Facebook ~ Website ~


Dark times are upon the land of
Nereth. Centuries have passed since the rightful heir to the throne was
banished. The people are losing hope in ancient legend, which foretells of one
who will rise up, overthrow the evil king and queen, and restore peace. Like
all others in Nereth, Edlyn has suffered greatly. Orphaned as a child, Edlyn
grew up as the serf of a drunken lord. Now a spirited seventeen-year-old, Edlyn
works to buy her freedom while fighting off the unwanted advances of Sheriff
Hurst. One morning, Edlyn discovers a young man hiding in the stable. He is
fleeing from Sheriff Hurst and inflicted with a sword wound that will surely be
fatal without her help. In a split-second decision, Edlyn conceals the young
man from Sheriff Hurst and begins nursing him back to health. As the young
man's strength returns, Edlyn learns that his name is Maddock, and she is
stunned to find that he has come from the mysterious land to the north. Maddock
soon comes to Edlyn's aid, rescuing her from Sheriff Hurst. Suddenly declared
outlaws, both Edlyn and Maddock must escape for their lives to enchanted
Ravenshire Forest and then the desolate mountains beyond. As their adventure
unfolds, Edlyn and Maddock discover that their meeting may have been more than
chance, for their lives prove bound by a fate that neither of them could
possibly have imagined.


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-10 of my favorite things:
1.     Stargazing
2.     Playing the piano
3.     Autumn
4.     International travel
5.     The smell of newly mowed grass
6.     Musicals
7.     Christmastime
8.     Walks on a sunny day
9.     A hot chocolate

10.The ocean

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